Happy Black Friday and Welcome to Vancouver Property Guide!

Welcome to my first blog post!

The Vancouver real estate scene has captured the attention of people world wide and is, arguably, the most talked about topic amongst us Vancouverites (followed closely by the weather).

As I was learning about real estate, I noticed a severe lack of useful resources that explained fundamental real estate topics. The news articles are littered with real estate jargon which does not help matters. I decided that it would be beneficial to start a blog which will hopefully fill this void. If you have any interest in real estate but find it difficult to understand what anything (on the news) means, this site is written with you in mind.

My primary goal is to deliver clear and concise real estate content geared towards the general public. I’ll also be sharing my own opinions about the most current real estate news.

Leave a comment if there are any topics you’d like covered!

Ting Chan

Ting Chan is a real estate enthusiast living in Vancouver. He strives to write easy-to-digest, relevant, and timely real estate content for everyone to understand. If you found what you read today useful, please spread the knowledge and subscribe for more!

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